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Bernie Chellingworth, Senior Project Manager, Workshop Participant
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Health Care Consumers Association, ACT
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Kerry Ross, Seam Logistics Pty Ltd
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TPK focus on assisting clients with the crucial decisions they have to make.

There are three characteristics of crucial decisions:

  1. the stakes are high;
  2. strong emotions are involved; and
  3. there are competing options available.

The need to make crucial decisions can arise at any time and often without notice. One obvious example is at a critical stage in a project or business lifecycle when it is necessary to determine whether to continue along the existing route, or veer in another direction.

An independently facilitated crucial decision making workshop, involving key stakeholders and decision makers, enables these tough decisions to be agreed upon following a detailed discussion analysing the situation as it exists. The decisions that are made following this process, when a unanimous understanding has been reached, are most likely to be embraced by all, stand the test of time and deliver increased performance overall.

Benefits to you:

  • Consensus is achieved;
  • Time and costs associated with attending numerous, less productive meetings are saved;
  • The platform for ongoing and effective dialogue between all stakeholders is established;
  • An open and non confrontational forum to resolve critical issues that are often avoided is provided;
  • Objectives are explored, agreed and signed off;
  • A commitment to teamwork, fired by trust and collaboration, is made;
  • Issues are dealt with before they become major problems;
  • Expertise in psychology and group dynamics is available to the team; and
  • An independent third party is able to smooth troubled waters.

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